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I often get asked the question, “Are you really psychic?” and the answer is, Yes, but it’s probably not what you may preconceive that to be. Apparently, my Aunt Jennie from the “old country,” was a renowned fortune teller and palm reader. In addition to a genetic predisposition, I studied with the Rosicruian Order for over 20 years, and supplemented that program by studies at the Berkeley Psychic Institute & other studies. I have been performing for parties and events about 30 years.

Although I sense “energies and auras”, for parties I prefer to read Tarot cards and have devised a really good 5 card system with my 20+ years practice of refining the skill.

The Prep

I invite the person being read to prep their energy by centering their thoughts and taking a few deep breaths, and experience feeling grounded. One can do the read without this prep, but from my experience, I find the reads are better, and people feel relaxed and energized when the prep exercise is performed.

The Read

For the read, I ask the client to choose five cards and lay them face down on the table, then I turn the cards over and interpret from there. Reads take about 5-7 minutes, unless there are extenuating issues.

For large crowds, long Lines,and closing the Line when demand is high – To address this issue, I take a break from seated 5 card reads get to my feet and offer group entertainment as one card reads. If there is enough time they can still get a five card read if they want to continue to wait, and sometimes the one card is enough to satisfy their curiosity satisfied enough to move out of the line. I present to the group with theatrical flaire and clarity. Its fun and informative entertainment and shortens the wait in line considerably..

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Handwriting Analysis, (Graphology)


Handwriting Analysis, (Graphology)

For the right type of people, handwriting analysis, is an enjoyable party entertainment. The type of people who enjoy it must like to write, be verbal and analytical. Some of the groups I’ve enjoyed analyzing are: Attorneys, Financial Planners, Health Care, Specialized Study Groups, and many High School senior grad nights.

For small groups – it’s often fun to observe similarities in handwriting style for hosts and guests. It’s fun to see clear, visible evidence on why a group is socializing so well or compatibilty features in couple samples.

For large events, such as a corporate function or a trade show, handwriting analysis is a fun entertainment for certain groups. I remember a conference of psychiatrists came to San Francisco and how fascinating and complex a group they were.

Education and Influences

With a quarter of a century of cumulative experience under my belt, I’m perceived as knowledgeable and a respective resource in my niche. A morning talk show had me back three times as a guest to explain what graphology is and demonstrate my skill, on the spot on live TV, it was fun! One time I got a call from a KRON, a local news station that had been mailed a hand written letter by a renown serial killer. They interviewed me within a half hour of the interview, I literally saw the report for the first time while doing live TV, and it aired that night. It was nice to be called upon for my opinion.

My own interest in graphology began in 1986 when I hosted a class in my home taught by the eminently talented, Marcel Matley. His presentations are exquisite in their insights, details and accuracies, and I respectfully, admire him immensely. I subsequently hired him on many occasions for special events until he retired from parties to specialize in forensics.

Sheila Lowe is another educator, influence and talent who ignites my graphological fire. Sheila is not just a resource, she is “The Source”, having written the manual, “A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis”, easy to understand and laced with humor. She’s a prolific writer, in addition to newsletters & monograms she’s a novelist as well.

The Process: 5-10 minutes

I provide notebooks or paper and pens for participants to make samples of their handwriting. Although they are encouraged to be creative I also offer a script to copy.

I over-view the sample, getting a sense of organization of space, pressure, space of the margins. I check the slant of the letters, how well formed, apparent speed, energy, space between letters, words and lines. Take a deep breath, and begin my analysis keeping in mind, this is Party Entertainment, and to keep it fun!


Professional Affiliation

AHAF – American Handwriting Association Foundation

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