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Tarot for parties is a classic entertainment for adult events.   The reads are fun and frequently insightful.

For parties I prefer Tarot cards over other media, as the cards in addition to showing the story are a good energy intermediary. My 5 card system works great in addition to my 30+ years experience! 🙂

The Read

For the read, I ask the client to choose five cards and lay them face down on the table, then I turn the cards over and interpret from there. Reads take about 3-6 minutes.

To warm the crowd, or long Lines,  I get to my feet and offer group entertainment as one card reads. I present to the group with theatrical flair and clarity. Its fun, upbeat entertainment and shortens the wait.

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Handwriting Analysis, (Graphology)


Handwriting Analysis, (Graphology)

I’ve been studying and practicing the art of graphology for over 30 years. It integrates my acute analytical skills with my intuitive faculty with consistent and well received results. In addition to party entertainment, this skill is useful in assessing aptitudes, predispositions, compatibility, and, though I do not diagnose, medical and mental health issues.

For small groups – it’s interesting and fun to observe similarities in handwriting style for hosts and guests. I can see and articulate clear, visible evidence on why a group socializes or works well together… or not.

For large events, such as a corporate function or a trade show, handwriting analysis is a fun entertainment as people are always curious and interested in themselves.

Education and Influences

With my long track record in the field, I’m perceived as knowledgeable and a respected resource within my niche. A morning talk show in Sacramento had me back three times as a guest to explain what graphology is and demonstrate my skill, on the spot to their audience while on live TV. Despite my initial nervousness, it was fun!

One time I got a call from a KRON, a local news station that had been mailed a hand written letter by a renown serial killer. The news crew beat a path to my door within an hour, to air a two part segment that night. I literally saw the sample for the first time while doing the TV interview. Fortunately, I do those types of spontaneous assessments, quite well. I appreciated my expertise being utilized and publicized by a respected news media, corporate assessments, as well as just being a fun “Partiart” for special events.

The Process: 5-10 minutes

I provide notebooks or paper and pens for participants to make samples of their handwriting. Although they are encouraged to be creative I also offer a script to copy.

I over-view the sample, getting a sense of organization of space, pressure, space of the margins. I check the slant of the letters, how well formed, apparent speed, energy, space between letters, words and lines. Take a deep breath, and begin my analysis keeping in mind, this is Party Entertainment, and to keep it fun!


Professional Affiliation

AHAF – American Handwriting Association Foundation

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